Raspberry Mint Body Custard

If you’re looking for a glossy, slippy, richly hydrating body lotion sort of thing for summer, I think this pretty pink Raspberry Mint Body Custard might just be it. This formulation is unlike emulsion I’ve ever made, with a consistency that puts me in mind of rich custard with a hint of taffy-like plasticity that’s rather fascinating. It stars lightweight raspberry seed oil, hydrating sodium lactate, and an all-natural palm-free emulsifier; I hope you find it as delightful and intriguing as I do!

How to Make Raspberry Mint Body Custard


Extra Creamy Green Clay Cleansing Balm

This Extra Creamy Green Clay Cleansing Balm is a Bee Better version of 2017’s Forest Cleansing Balm. That formula was one of the first anhydrous formulas I made with fatty thickeners and I remember being absolutely blown away by its rich, creamy, slippy consistency and incredibly easy rinse-off. I wasn’t the only one! Over the years I’ve heard from many people that my Forest Cleansing Balm is their favourite cleansing balm formulation 💚 Because the original was already pretty darn lovely, this updated version isn’t super different, but it’s definitely more polished. Keep reading to learn what I levelled up 😄

How to Make Extra Creamy Green Clay Cleansing Balm


Beginner-Friendly Salicylic Acid + Squalane Serum

If you’ve been wanting to formulate with salicylic acid but haven’t been sure where to start; start here 😄 This five-ingredient Beginner-Friendly Salicylic Acid + Squalane Serum doesn’t contain any water, so you don’t have to worry about pH, making it super simple to whip up. This serum has made my skin more radiant, smooth, and even—I love it, and I think you will, too!

How to Make Beginner-Friendly Salicylic Acid + Squalane Serum


Ultra-Light Summer Face Cream

If you’ve been looking for a lightweight summer facial moisturizer with a gorgeous, powdery, expensive-feeling finish, you can stop looking. This is it! I’m currently obsessed with this cream—I can’t get over how lightweight and fancy it feels. It smells softly of roses, glides on like a dream, and leaves my skin glowing.

How to Make Ultra-Light Summer Face Cream


Passionfruit Pressed Oil Serum

This four ingredient Passionfruit Pressed Oil Serum was formulated to let all the ingredients shine brightly. Made from three luxurious Brazilian ingredients and rounded out with a wonderful skin-loving antioxidant, this pressed oil serum can also be used as a decadent body butter and hair butter. And best of all? It smells wonderfully—and all naturally—of tangy, juicy passionfruit!


Whipped Cupuaçu Passionfruit Body Butter

It’s been positively ages since I made a whipped body butter—since late 2020! This one was inspired by some gifted ingredients from Lavida Oils; their cupuaçu butter is utterly lovely and has re-ignited my long-standing love for this uniquely lovely butter. Cupuaçu butter is rich and smooth, but I don’t find it to be particularly greasy. It leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished, with a rather novel silicone-like finish. I immediately wanted to combine it with the oils from Lavida to create a beautiful tropical-inspired body butter, and that’s what we are doing today!

How to Make Whipped Cupuaçu Passionfruit Body Butter